Reporter Pro - Create New Reporting Period For Semester One

Stephen Ryan -

When creating a new reporting period for Semester One, we don't have a template from the previous semester that we can simply copy as we do when creating the reporting period for Semester Two.

At the end of the school year all reporting periods are closed off as a requirement of the end of year rollover process. In order to create the Semester One the following steps need to be followed:

In SAS go to Reporter Pro -> Reporting -> Reporting Periods.

Here you will see the list of existing Reporting Periods.

To add a new Reporting Period:

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Select the current year in the Year text box
  3. Select the current semester in the Semester drop down list
  4. In the Description text box enter the name of the new Reporting Period, making sure the format fits with previous Reporting Period names. In this case I am calling mine Semester One 2016.
  5. The Short Description value is not required and can be left blank.
  6. In the Start Date and End Date text boxes, select the first and last date of the semester respectively.
  7. The No. of Teaching Days value is not required and can be left as 0.
  8. The Opening Message is an optional message that you can specify that will be seen by all staff using Reporter Pro. It can be used to inform staff of cut-off dates, etc if you want to make use of this feature.
  9. Finally place a tick in the Current Reporting Period check box.

Once all the details have been added click the Save button to create the new Reporting Period.

Now that the Reporting Period has been completed the next thing to do is to assign all classes via the Reporter Pro -> Reporting -> Classes screen.

The first thing to do is make sure that all your class teachers appear in the left hand side of the screen. If anyone is missing, go to People -> Staff to locate the missing teacher and make sure the check box is checked. After any changes, close the Classes window and re-open it to see the changes reflected.

The easiest way to assign teachers at the start of Semester One is to use the auto generate feature. To do this click the Auto-generate button in the bottom left hand corner of the Classes screen.

Once this screen is displayed, click the Select All button in the lower left corner to ensure that all the subjects are selected, then click the Confirm button.

This will then generate the class lists for you to preview. If you are happy with the generated lists that are shown on the right hand side of the screen then you can click the Proceed button which finalises the process.

After finalising the auto-generation you can see a teacher's classes in the middle pane of the Classes screen when you select their name from the teacher list on the left hand side.

The only remaining thing to do now is to click Publish which will make the new Reporting Period and associated classes available to teaching staff through Reporter Pro.


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