Reporter Pro - HSIE changes for History and Geography

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To edit the HSIE learning statements, open SAS and go to Reporter Pro -> Reporting -> Assessments. 

On the Assessments screen go to the Learning Statements tab.

From the Subjects drop down list select HSIEES1 which will display the learning statements for HSIE Early Stage 1 on the left hand side of the screen.

Deactivating Learning Statements

 To make a learning statement inactive instead, select the learning statement, untick the Active checkbox and click the Save button. 

If you make a learning statement inactive, you can view it again by unticking the Show Active Only checkbox in the bottom left hand corner.

Adding New Learning Statements

Once the existing learning statements have been deactivated we can go ahead and add all the new learning statements for History and Geography. To add a new learning statement:

  1. On the Assessments screen click the Add
  2. Enter the learning statement in the Name text box.
  3. Enter a code in the in the Code text box. The value of the code is not particularly important as no one actually sees them. The only requirement is that it is unique. You may want to use something like Hist_1, Hist_2, etc for the History criteria and Geo_1, Geo_2, etc for the Geography subjects just to allow you to easily identify which statements belong to which subjects.
  4. Click the Save button.

Follow these same steps to add all the remaining learning statements. Which should appear as follows once complete.

Depending on how you are delivering HSIE for the current semester, you may not require all of the learning statements we have added. In order to only include the relevant statements for marking and display on the final report, you can deactivate the statements that are not relevant by selecting statement and unchecking the Active checkbox and then clicking the Save button.

To see statements that you have deactivated, uncheck the Show Active Only checkbox in the bottom left hand corner.

Copying Learning Statements Across All Stages

Rather than repeating all this work for each of the stages, we can easily copy these statements to remaining stages by clicking the Copy All  button in the bottom right hand corner of the Assessments screen. Which will display a screen to allow you to select the stages to copy the learning statements to.

Select the remaining HSIE stages and click copy.

Once this is done you will see in the bottom hand corner of the screen that the other related stages now include the newly added learning statements. The other thing to note is that copying statements to a learning stage does not remove existing statements from the destination stage so we need to manually go to each stage and either delete or deactivate the old/unwanted statements.

To view the learning statements for the other stages, change the Subject drop down list to the desired subject.

Publish Changes

Once the changes to each of the HSIE stages have been made don't forget to click the Publish button in order to make the changes available to teaching staff.



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