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Now that reports for the first semester have been completed and sent out it is time to rollover the reporting period to semester two.

Before you go ahead and setup the reporting period for semester two, you may want to take the opportunity to generate and store all the reports from semester one. To do this you can use the following article as a guide: Generating Student Reports

Once you have generated the student reports you can store them on a USB drive, DVD or contact us to have them stored on your SAS server for archival purposes.

Closing the current Reporting Period

The first thing we need to do is close the previous reporting period. This can be done in SAS by going to Reporter Pro -> Reporting -> Reporting Periods:

Once you open this screen you should see all the previous reporting periods that have been in use, including the current reporting period. Once you have the screen open you will need to locate the current reporting period, this can easily be identified by finding the reporting period that has the Current Reporting Period option ticked.

Once you locate this reporting period you can close it by clicking the Close Period button.

Upon saving this you will be prompted for confirmation via the following message for which you will need to click Yes.

The next message you will receive will prompt you to archive your reports. We do not want to do this as you will have already done this before closing the reporting period. The advantage of generating and saving them yourself as described in the Generating Student Reports article is that you have more options around how reports are generated and named as well as how you store them. For this prompt you want to select Yes.


The current reporting period will now be closed.


Creating the new Reporting Period

On the Reporting Periods screen you need to click Add which will allow you to enter the details for the new reporting period.

When creating the new reporting period you will need to do the follow:

  • Set the Year to be the current year
  • Select the Semester that applies to the reporting period
  • Enter a Description that is consistent with the name of the previous reporting period
  • Specify a Start Date and End Date which are the first and last days of the semester respectively
  • Tick the Current Reporting Period option
  • You can also set the Opening Message which is optional, but allows you to display a message to all teachers who log in to Reporter Pro.

Once you have entered in all the data, you now need to click Save in order to complete the process.

Also, for ease of maintenance it is easiest if you keep the list of reporting periods from most recent to oldest. To do this, click and drag the name of your newly created reporting period in the left hand side of the screen (the list of reporting periods) and drag it to the top.

Once all this is complete you can click Exit.


Preparing Classes for the new Reporting Period

Now that the new reporting period has been created the next thing we need to do is set up all the classes. In the case where we are creating the Semester Two reporting period the process is a lot easier because for the most part we just need to the classes to be setup the same way that they were for Semester One so to do this we can effectively copy all the classes over to our newly created reporting period.

To do this you need to open the Prepare Next Reporting Period screen via Reporter Pro -> Reporting -> Prepare Next Reporting Period.

Once presented with the screen the process is very simple. All you need to do is set the Copy From Reporting Period to the reporting period that we just closed (Semester One) and then set the Copy To Reporting Period to the reporting period we just created (Semester Two). Once this is done simply click OK.

After this you will receive a confirmation indicating that the classes were copied successfully. Now you can go ahead and publish the changes by clicking the publish changes button in the top left hand menu. If you would like to double check the classes are all setup correctly, you can do so by going to Reporter Pro -> Reporting -> Classes to view the classes. Note that any changes made here need to be published again before teachers can see these changes in Reporter Pro.

You are now ready to start Semester Two reporting.


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