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To print student reports it is recommended that reports are generated as a file per student to prevent issues where report pages look to be correct but in fact they contain different student data on each of the pages.

Once you have generated a PDF for every student, you want to avoid manually opening and printing each PDF one at a time. This article will cover how to print all the student PDFs in a single process.

Setting the printer to print booklets

Before printing anything you need to open your printer settings and configure the printer to print as a booklet. This will vary depending on the printer that you are using but some printers do allow you to create profiles or templates that can be switched between in order to cater for multiple printer tasks.

If your printer supports creating profiles or templates for different print settings it is highly recommended that you create a new profile for printing A3 booklets.

Printing student reports in Windows

To get started in Windows the first thing you will need to do is press the Start button the lower left corner of your screen and type Printers in the search box. This will bring up the Devices and Printers item in the list, which you need to select.

Once this is opened you should see something resembling the following:

This will allow you to see all the printers installed on your system. To configure the printing settings you will need to right click on the printer you wish to use and then select Printing Preferences which will open the settings for your specific printer and allow you configure it to print as a booklet. As mentioned earlier, this will all depend on the make and model of your printer as to how you do this.

Once you have configured the settings to print as a booklet, you can try printing a single student report to make sure the printer is working as expected. To do this, right click on the printer you wish to use and select the See what's printing option which will open the print queue for this printer which will show the following screen.

Now to print a single student report, simply drag one of the report files into this window.

This will print the single student file. Before printing any more you may need to review the printed document and change the printer settings if there were any problems with the layout. Do this by going back to the printer, right clicking and selecting Printing Preferences as we did above previously.

Once you are happy with the printed report for the single student you can now do multiple files at a time. To do this all you need to do is select multiple files by clicking on the first file, then holding down the shift key, then click the last file you want to print and dragging all the selected files into the print queue.

Once this is done you will see the print jobs spooling and the files will be printed.

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