Viewing Reporter Pro PDFs on Macs

Stephen Ryan -

Viewing the ‘tick’ boxes in Reporter Pro when on a Mac does not always work as the font used by Reporter Pro does not display the tick properly in the default Mac applications.

The workaround for this is to use the Chrome web browser for Reporter Pro Web interface when creating your reports and Adobe Reader to view the SAS PDF files when printing the reports or saving a copy of the PDF files.

The following screenshots describe several ways to make the PDF file open with Adobe Reader instead of the default Preview reader.

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your Mac then you can install it from the following location and click the yellow “Install now” button. This will download an installer into the downloads folder. Simply double click this file and follow the prompts to install.

  • Option 1: Right click on the downloaded pdf file and select open with Adobe Reader.
    Note: Right click may be turned off in your system preferences so CTRL+click or two finger click on a trackpad may also work.

  • Option 2: Start the Adobe Reader application from the Applications folder and go to File menu and Open then browse to the location of the PDF file.

  • Option 3: Make Adobe Reader the default application for opening PDF files. Right click on any PDF file on your desktop and select Get Info (or highlight a pdf file and press command+I on the keyboard). This opens an information window about the selected file. At the bottom of the window under Open with: select Adobe Reader from the list. The click on the Change All… button to make it the default application.


Adobe Reader should now open the file and the ‘ticks’ will be displayed properly.

Many thanks to Adam van Raad for putting this article together!

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