Installing Meet Manager for Athletics

Stephen Ryan -

To install Meet Manager for Athletics, you will first need to download the installer from our intranet. The installer can be found at the following location:

Before proceeding with the installation contact IT support (see contact details at the bottom of this page) to request the license code which will be required as part of installation.

In your downloads directory you should have a file called 'TrackMMsetup.exe' which is the installer for Meet Manager Athletics.

Run this file and follow the prompts for installation. Once the installation is complete there will be an option to launch the application, enable this option and click Finish.

Once the application launches for the first time, you will be prompted to install a license. Select Web Delivery and click OK.

You will now be prompted to enter your License Code (which you should have already requested from the IT team in the steps above). Enter the license code provided by the IT team in the space provided and click OK.

You will be returned to the previous screen while the system downloads the license file from the internet.

Once this process is complete you should see the following message which indicates that the license file has been installed successfully.

If there was a problem with the installation, close Meet Manager and open it again to re-attempt the license import process.


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