How to Change Your Password (+Troubleshooting)

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The following article will explain how to change passwords for staff and students, as well as provide a troubleshooting section with solutions to various common issues. 


How to Change Your Password

Go to and login with your current password. (If you have forgotten your password, see the Logging into UserApp without Your Password section below)



UserApp can also be accessed by logging into (you will see the same CEnet Login Screen as above when logging into ShareCloud)

In ShareCloud you have access to a number of available services including UserApp.


If this is your first time using UserApp, you will need to setup your challenge response questions. These will be used if you have forgotten your current password and need to change your password.

You can change the responses to these questions at any time. They can be access through Set Passsword Reset Prompts (as shown in the below screenshot) once you have logged into the Userapp.

Once you have logged into the UserApp the Change Password option is the first on the left. Click on this.

 If your password is about to expire you will see the following screen, click Change Password. 


You will then be asked to enter your current password. Do so, and click the Continue button.

On the next screen you will be prompted to enter your old password and then a new password twice.

Once you have entered a new password that complies with the requirements for a password, you can click the Change Password button.

You will then be redirected to a loading screen while your password changes.

NOTE: If you have issues clicking the Change Password button, once you are in the Confirm Password and have finished entering your password, hit the Enter key on your keyboard - this will submit the new password as well. 

Once you have submitted the new password you will see the following screen once the loading bar has finished. 

Please allow 30-60 minutes for this password to flow back to the Intranet! 

If you are still experiencing any troubles changing your password after following the steps above, please call us on 6338 3088 or email us at


 Logging into UserApp Without Your Password

To login without your password you will need to have used UserApp previously and setup your challenge response and answer questions.

If you haven’t got these questions setup then please contact us at 6338 3088 or

  1. Go to, select the Diocese as Bathurst and click “Forgotten Password?



  1. Enter your full email address as prompted. (For example,


  1. Answer your security questions you have set up previously.



  1. This will take you to the password change screen. Enter a new password as described in the steps in the previous section.



Students can also user the UserApp to change their password using the same processes described above.

If a student has not received a password, never setup response questions and answers etc, that stops them from changing or creating a new password, please contact us on 6338 3088 or email



Q) I’m a casual Teacher, how does this affect my login?

A) If you’re a casual Teacher and haven’t been paid for 90 days or more, your account is automatically suspended. It will reactivate when you are paid again.

If you urgently need your pay slips please contact Payroll (6338 3000).

Q) I can login to my email but not the intranet, what’s wrong with my password?

A) One of two things has happened.

  1. You password has expired.
  2. Your password to the intranet ( and GApps (Google Applications – i.e. Gmail, Google Drive) is out of sync.

To fix both of these issues, change your password.

Q) I have forgotten my password, have no response questions and answers, and can’t login to UserApp to change my password! what can I do?

A) Contact IT Support at or 6338 3088.


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