New CNA Education Staff Portal

Matt Bourke -

New CNA Education Staff Portal 6th July

Dear CNA Portal Administrators

The new CNA Education Staff Portal is now in production Attached is an updated Helpdesk guide and Education Services guide to assist you in supporting schools in using the new CNA Education Staff Portal and resources. A reminder that the official launch is on the 31st July which will allow teachers to start using the collaborative spaces. In the mean time schools may log in to use the rest of the CNA Portal resources.
Note the log in process uses the same technology as the previous CNA Portal but with a new skin. The browser compatibility matrix in the attached indicates the browsers that staff should use when accessing the portal. This would be one of the first things to check when dealing with helpdesk calls.

Kind regards

Brent McLaughlin
Education Officer, ICON Project Team

Catholic Education Office Melbourne
Ph: +61 3 9267 0504 Fax: +61 3 9415 9325
228 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne
(PO Box 3, East Melbourne Vic 8002)<applewebdata://C5C7BBA3-8E3A-42DD-AB74-185B0BB75E2A/

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